Tuesday, March 16, 2010

~ Long Time, No See ~

Wow, I'm sure all my dear readers thought I had surely forsaken this blog forever! To tell the truth, I have not really been in the mood to blog since I moved! But I thought I'd update with a FEW pictures that are already outdated.... as these were taken within the two weeks we moved in. I'd take some right now, but I am without a camera. =(

Living room (now has 'drop cloth' curtains =)

Living room again (with winter decor still up and that is changed a couple times since!)

Master bedroom (now has curtains and picures)

(and books on the shelves...)

And the totally remodeled bath that you can't see much in! (the sink wasn't in yet so that's why I didn't get a pic of it)

We still have a lot to go.... we actually did end up ripping the whole kitchen out, so that still doesn't have much for cabinets (I'm using my china cabinet and a buffet from my mother-in-law for cupboards =) But I do have a sink and dishwasher at least!! =)

And instead of the huge laundry room, we opted for a smaller one and put in a master bath!! LOVE IT!

And I've not done anything in my son's bedroom yet (no closet, as it was ripped out to make the bathroom bigger since it was hardly usable as it was {how would you like a 14in- yes I said 14 INCH- deep closet that you couldn't put a hanger in straight anyway??}), so there is still a pile of boxes in the corner!

The third bedroom - don't even ask..... it's the big, messy extra storage and tool 'closet' right now!

My parents think we did about a year's worth of remodeling in two months.... =) (I grew up in a house that is still needing to be finished 15 years later, but it was a lot bigger and in lots worse shape than this one!) We worked many long afternoons and terribly late nights, plus my hubby still had to run his business on top of that! He's so glad we're moved and we love it here! =)

Well, thanks for still checking in on me! Hope you enjoyed the mini tour and difference from what it was!!
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