Thursday, December 3, 2009

~ Sorry for the Silence ~

But we bought a house! And the remodel crunch is on...... So... silence is golden! (If it is, maybe it will help fund the project?? I wish!!)

Here are some pictures!

Just imagine the possibilities.....

......I can, and I can't wait to get them implemented!!! (though some of them may be years before they can be afforded and done!! =)

But for now - just enjoy the 'potential'! =)

the back

living room

living room

the kitchen (it's not in the budget right now, so everything is just going to get a coat of paint!)

dining room

dining room looking into the living room

LOVELY bathroom! it's t.o.t.a.l.l.y. gutted already and we've just owned it a week =) It's now bigger and the layout is going to change slightly...

love the blue tile board... not.

and how the shower is right up in the window.... =)
You will not even recognize it when we're done!Built in dresser/desk/dresser came right out....looking out from the same bedroom at the living room and the other room will be our mudroom/laundry/storage/maybe sewing & computer room too, if we can fit it all in! =) The washer and dryer needs to come out of the already small 'dining room'! (who would put it in there anyway?!?)

There are two more bedrooms that I didn't show pics of, because they are just, empty bedrooms with the same dark trim!

We will be moving closets around (making some bigger ones!) closing up a couple doors, ripping up carpet & putting down new, painting, sanding the living room floor since it is hardwood under there and all the other things that come with remodeling. Fun! =) Want to come help!?

See you around! =)

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