Wednesday, September 30, 2009

~ Cleverly Covered ~

See this cute chair?

She once looked like this!!!!!! A little grimy and dated....
(but for $8.50 at GW, who with a little imagination could pass her up!)

Just needed a little love to help her look her best!

Ha! Had you fooled.... it's actually a slipcover - not a reupholster job!!
(from a roll of upholstery found at GW {where else, right!?!} for $4.50... and some cording from Hancock's for $2.00)

Makes that $15 for the whole project!!!!

Great reading spot!

Ah...... a quiet, getaway corner - just for me!
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~ New family member! ~

On Monday night my husband had pity on this poor kitty that was hungry and sad, sitting under the steps at his business (it had been around for the whole weekend because his employee said it ran in the building when she was leaving on Friday!).... so he brought it home to me! (and he is not really an animal lover, so that's saying something! =)) She's a sweety! I think someone must have dumped her, because she is very friendly and she loves to run into the house (sorry, she is not going to be my house-kitty though!) My little guy loved following her around! =)

I have yet to think of a name.... any suggestions??

Edited to add: I think I decided on Candace the Calico Kitty!

Monday, September 21, 2009

~ Someone Elses Trash to my Son's Treasure (Box) ~

Doesn't this look just lovely!!?? Would you put your son's toys in this and let him play in it??

Probably not - I wouldn't either - perfectionist, neat-nick that I am!

Smelling of tools and dirty stuff stored for years........ Phew! But I wanted a place to hide his toys, so I wouldn't have to see them all the time since they were just in a basket. So when I stumbled across this at GW for only $6.50 - I said "unhuh!" With a little bit of paint, paintbrush and imagination -

My son's clean, neat, new treasure chest!

Stored behind the couch for a little play area.....
Take a look at all those toys that I can hide now!
He even climbed right in. =)
*Sigh* Perfect solution. End of unsightliness.

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Friday, September 18, 2009

~ Summer's Last Pasta Salad ~

I love making this... and then having it for a meal in itself!

I cook and drain some garden (I like the different colors!) Rotelli noodles, then I like to throw in an assortment of diced meat (I either use pepperoni or turkey ham), diced cheese, pickles, black olives, broccoli (if on hand), mayonnaise and Lawry's seasoning salt to taste! Garnish with Parmesan cheese if desired! I use no measurements, but it always turns out great! Enjoy!

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~ Paternal Grandparents Heirlooms ~

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This is a special lamp as I got it from 'Nana' - my dad's mom. If I remember right it was hers when she was growing up. I used it growing up and I hope to pass it onto my little girl someday, if I have a girl, so she can use it growing up!

I had to replace the shade as the other was old and falling apart, but it is the same style as the original.
I just love the dainty, little flowers on it!

And this candle stick holder/dish was from my dad's parents, also. I have two of them and I think they are SO UNIQUE! I've never seen anything like them. The glass part is like a little, shallow dish that screws into the candlestick holder.

I love to use it for a collage of items - rocks, shells, etc. always with candles! (Well, not always, my other one is full of just rocks, shells and dried seaweed/coral I found on the beach!)
Just the candle stick part - I would show you the glass part by itself (the edges are so pretty!), but I didn't want to empty it out when I had spent a bit putting the things in it just right!! =) (Yes, I know I need to shine the silver, but I don't have any polish.... =)
Hope you enjoyed your peek into the past at my place! I love sharing what special things have been passed down to me!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

~ "Fall"ish Table for Two ~


I got out my autumn table runner that I made quite a few years back, shopped the house for things I could use for a fall centerpiece and set the table for supper - now my Honey just has to get home! =)
Love my Pampered Chef square plates that I got from GoodWill for 50 cents each! Score!
Just a simply set table for two, but oh, so cozy, I think!
Love the crisp days! Perfect for many candles..... =)

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Monday, September 14, 2009

~ Sad to Shabby, just how I like it ~

My old hope chest (which we use as a coffee table).... was dark, boring and beat up (and something I spent more than I should have on when I was young and wanting a hope chest SO BAD! =) It really needed a make over and so one day I finally just - did it!!

Sanding went fast... (the sides are just thin... uh... boards with veneer, the top and trim pieces are solid wood)
Filling in a lot of the deep grains that were somehow deep and just - missing! (not sure why and can't really explain what it really looked like, because I've never seen any wood look like what this did! Not eaten or rotten but that's the impression I always got - sounds kind of gross though...) I also filled in the design on the front as I never was very fond of it.
Gluing on the new 'design' - just grab what's nearest and go! =)
The first rolls of paint!
......And...... the reveal!

The finished masterpiece! =)

Distressed it up a bit....
Love the 'bones' of this piece!
A little love on the hinges, too, for accent!

I love it now! Wish I would have done it a lot sooner!

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Monday, September 7, 2009

~ Roses that Last ~

I didn't get this this weekend (I actually had my own little sale on Friday!), but I found it at GW in the last little while... I am SOON (yeah!) to be re-doing my living room.....

and so I have been picking up things here and there...

and I came across this shelf...

Loved it. Bought it. $5.50!

Friday, September 4, 2009

~ Oh.... and by the way ~

We had a GREAT time at the beach!!!!!! Ah..... wish I was still there. My little guy L.O.V.E.D. it. He could get as sandy as he wanted and play in tons of water! (he'd cry every time we'd get out of the shower, after having already taken an outdoor shower, after already having played in the ocean, after all the above already once done earlier in the day! =) Did I mention he loves water???

Here is a my prize picture for this vacation:

It was the life - make you jealous?? =)

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