Friday, July 31, 2009

~ 1846 Heirloom ~

This is a very special piece to me... I really don't know who made it, except that it was one of my relations way back.... My paternal grandma's name was also Anne Newhall, same as the little girl who made this sampler, but for the 'e' on the end of her name. My middle name is also Anne after my grandma.

It was given to me by my grandpa on my 16th birthday after my grandma had already passed away. I would have loved to ask her more about it..... but as always, the story of that side of the family will always be shrouded with a little mystery.....

I love the coarse material she used.... all the different fonts and stitches... and only a few choices of colors... and such a sweet little poem - but my favorite part is the verse on it!

Even a sweet little house in the midst of the flowers...

And so old! 163 years ago!!

And she was only 6 when she finished this (it's about 16"x16") - can you imagine a six year old now, sitting still long enough to work on such a big, detailed piece?

I would love to frame it - my grandpa asked me to when he gave it to me - but I have never been able to find anything fitting (old, the right size, character to it and within a small budget!).

Here is the back - I wonder why she sewed paper to it?

I hope you enjoyed your 'peak into the past' at my place! Stop by again!

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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

~ Toy Shelf Dilemma ~

Good day readers! I need you to put on your thinking caps now and help me out here.....
Can you do that!?

I would like to make something like this:

With this - but...
(it was natural wood and I already painted it white)

I'd like to do it as inexpensive as possible! Like free.... or under $10.... =)

I need 4 of a specific size - (boxes, bins, baskets) that are 11 inches by ummm... probably 8 or so inches deep and about 6 or so inches high.

I want it to be cute, sturdy (child + play = well used) and coordinate with my son's bedroom (sage, tan or brown).

Have any ideas??

Thanks in advance for the thoughts!! =)

Edited to add: My hubby kept hinting he needed it in his office for his computer books, so I ended up giving it to him since I couldn't decide what I wanted to do with it and I made this for my little guy instead!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

~ Sweet Dreams Baby ~

Here is my little guys adorable nursery.... (can't say baby - he's really not one anymore at 15 months!) I did a lot of DIY projects getting ready for when he arrived! Enjoy your look around!

This is just panning around the room from the right to the left.

His changing table - a DIY project that I did from an ugly, old dresser - see the before picture below! I painted and stenciled then added new knobs, changing pad, basket for supplies and wipe box to the top!

Here's how it looked - after I had already removed the clunky, wood, square knobs and sanded the orange-y looking varnish off!

Next up is a tall, narrow bookcase I already owned. I wanted it to be another 'dresser' so I bought white wicker baskets with sage gingham liners and they store his diapers, socks, shoes and things like lotions, etc. The extra shelves store a few books and keepsakes.

Then there is the small nightstand - a refinished project too! Much sanding, painting, new knobs and stenciled to match the dresser! (Sorry, no picture - before my blogging days....)

The ribbon board - DIY again! I actually made it two sided because I didn't know what we were having and I wanted some pink if it was a girl. (My theme was creams and sage and then blue or pink to be added later depending on what the baby was). Don't ask me how I made it - it wasn't terribly simple! =) (quick info on supplies: patchwork front and back, batting, cardboard, ribbon, tacks and thread....) An eBay glider (Dutailier brand!) and his little Christmas rocker complete the picture.

Beautiful hand-quilted quilt from his paternal grandmother, crib and mattress from Craigslist.

Handmade blankets - green from maternal great grandma, blue from maternal grandma and striped by me and the white is just one I had. DIY pillow - see my previous post:
~ From Discarded to Darling ~

All the crib bedding - curtains, crib sheet, crib dust ruffle I made myself. They are in creams and tans to be soft and neutral - I couldn't find anything that I liked... so... to work I went! (dust ruffle not shown in pictures because the mattress is in the lowest position so my son doesn't fall out. Therefore it was too long and had to be taken off... =/ It looked just like the curtains.)

A close up of the bookcase 'dresser'.

And the shelf shown was my very first DIY, sand and paint project, finished to completion - ever! =)

Hope you enjoyed your tour! There will be some more in the future - keep checking back!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

~ And the Winner Is.... ~

...Number 1 by! Congratulations Betty Ann! Please email me your address, or if you are who I think you are - I can bring it to church on Sunday! =)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

~ From Discarded to Darling ~

I saw this shower wrap with a monogram on it, that was someone else's discard and I had to pick it up knowing this kind of fabric is not usually cheap... What did I do with it?

Picked out the two letters that didn't fit, leave the 'P' because that is the initial of our last name... (Real handy! =)

...and made a cute minky pillow with a dotted bow and a small tie blanket for my son to love on! Perfectly good ending for only 2 bucks! (That is if you have everything else on hand!)

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Monday, July 13, 2009

~ Boring to Beautiful ~

What to do with a simple, white chair with a dirty seat cover for $5 from Goodwill?

Distress it with a little sandpaper. Get the paint and brushes out.....

....the stapler, staples and some matching fabric and make a 'relaxing' place to rest!

How do you like the outcome??

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Thursday, July 9, 2009

~ A little birdy says: GIVEAWAY!! ~

For my first REAL post, I'm going to do a giveaway! Because it is my birthday! Yeah! =)

Here is the little package you'll get if you win: A small teacup picture frame with a little collage of a German bird 'sticker' on wrinkled, old cardstock.

And in keeping with the bird theme - a sweet block of bird feathers and eggs Post-It notes!

Rules to enter:

1) Must have a United States mailing address (sorry, international friends! =/)
2) Please check out my Etsy store ( and come back and tell me what your favorite item was when you comment!
3) Be sure to leave your email address unless you have a blog.
4) Only one entry per person, please.

I will be choosing a winner two weeks from now on the 23rd, so that gives you plenty of time to let your friends know and check back often! =)

Have fun!

{Edited to add: Cindy at is hosting a giveaway party and I joined in! Stop by her blog and see what other bloggers are giving away, too! You can enter them all!}

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

~ Come on in! ~

WELCOME dear friends!

I'm glad you stopped by my sweet little home and new little venture - one that hopes to hold an assortment of fun remodeling, redecorating and little DIY endeavors of mine, plus a few extra surprises that might pop in here and there! (Maybe they will give you incentive to invent something neat of your own! =) Who knows!?) I know I'll need your help with ideas for a few things I've got floating around in my head! So be ready to put your thinking caps on!

Thanks for dropping by my cozy 'cottage'! Hope you enjoyed your stay and want to come back for many more visits over cyber southern sweet tea! =)

P.S. Giveaway is soon to follow - stay posted!

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