Tuesday, July 28, 2009

~ Toy Shelf Dilemma ~

Good day readers! I need you to put on your thinking caps now and help me out here.....
Can you do that!?

I would like to make something like this:

With this - but...
(it was natural wood and I already painted it white)

I'd like to do it as inexpensive as possible! Like free.... or under $10.... =)

I need 4 of a specific size - (boxes, bins, baskets) that are 11 inches by ummm... probably 8 or so inches deep and about 6 or so inches high.

I want it to be cute, sturdy (child + play = well used) and coordinate with my son's bedroom (sage, tan or brown).

Have any ideas??

Thanks in advance for the thoughts!! =)

Edited to add: My hubby kept hinting he needed it in his office for his computer books, so I ended up giving it to him since I couldn't decide what I wanted to do with it and I made this for my little guy instead!


Lee Laurie said...

What about some kind of wicker baskets? I think that would work. Let us know what you do with it.
Lee Laurie

Sarah said...

First off I just found your blog and love your projects! Now on to the toy shelf. I might try using the photo storage boxes from Hobby Lobby (I was just there and they're 1/2 price this week). OR, if I was really feeling thrifty, I'd use shoe boxes covered in super cute wrapping paper or even fabric. Boot boxes would hold the most toys and the lids would keep them contained. Good luck and God's blessings, Sarah :D

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