Tuesday, August 11, 2009

~ Gaudy Gold turned to Beautiful Blue ~

A dollar thrift store find (with curved glass even! Woohoo!)... went from this:

to looking like this!
(the crackled look was an accident - it was too humid when I spray painted but I was impatient!
I really like how it turned out though!)

I LOVE it - it adorns the wall in my kitchen right next to the stove so I can see it all the time... (I couldn't get a good picture there though because of the light reflecting on the glass from all the windows)

(...and, yes, I am still very much in *love* with my hubby!!! =)))


Lee Laurie said...

Your frame looks beautiful! It is perfect for that picture of you two! I spray painted a frame the other day and I left it outside on the porch to dry and then it rained and I forgot that it was out there! Oh well... it still turned out good. I will do a post on it in a few days. I have a booth in a vendor's market and that is where I'm putting it for sale. I decided to modge podge old lace on it. It turned out really pretty.

Lee Laurie

Stevie said...

I love the finish look on your frame. It does pay off to be impatient some times.
Take care,

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