Wednesday, October 28, 2009

~ Done! ~

I have been working on a project for a few months now.... scrapbooking my wedding pictures! I. am. finally. done. I can hardly believe it! Now my extra sheet protectors that I ordered, need to come in the mail so I can slip them in and enjoy the totally completed project. Wow. (big sigh) That is sort of why I have a lack of posts, since I have really been putting the fire under myself to get this done.... since something big and new is looming on the horizon....

Anyway, not sure how many other projects I'll be working on since it is getting cold. My painting bug left since the autumn rains came in! =) I just think I might take you on a tour of my little house soon instead!

See you later!


{ L } said...

Oh fun! This will be a treat to see. Excellent photography in your post too by the way!

I hope you get to do the beadboard wall and photo ledge! Keep us updated if you do. :)

Christine said...

Working on the pictures is like redoing your vows all over again.
You can't miss with a precious wedding album.

Kim said...

How exciting to see the inside of your home! Can't wait!!

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