Wednesday, November 4, 2009

~ The Dining Room ~

Glad to see you again! Here is our little dining room! We will just pan to the left again skipping the doorways....

Here is our cozy table all decorated for fall!
(The living room doorway to the left of this picture, which you can see here.)
The laundry room (more like 'closet'!) is behind the door you can just see in the right of this picture and to the left is the little 'hall' that leads to the bedrooms and bathroom.
My china cabinet =) Too full already!
And back around so you can see the kitchen again! Like my highchair spot?! We never use the 'front door' and it is the perfect little corner since there is no other place to put it!
And for a bonus in this post - you get to peek into my laundry closet! =) (And shhhh..... I'll tell you a secret, so don't tell anyone else! ...I like doing laundry! ...But it has to be mine! Ha! =)
(you can see the blue tub is full of my painting and makeover stuff, just handy for when I get the inspiration!)

Come see the living room tomorrow!
(which I JUST did a makeover on - and now we'll have to leave it behind =( )

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