Friday, November 6, 2009

~ The 'Hall' and Bathroom ~

Since we don't have but three, small closets for this house, we needed to come up with a different idea for storing coats and shoes since there is NO place near the doors to enter in that it would work! Here is our solution - the little space in the 'hall'! And it can't be seen from the main part of the house either! =)

So just turn to your right and open the door..... to the smallest bathroom you've ever seen!
No storage in the bathroom either (except under the sink and that's for cleaning supplies and extra TP!), so had to come up with a cute idea for that. =)
And since I got a pretty shower curtain and darling shower curtain hangers for a wedding gift, but there was a glass door on the shower (that is just to the right), I dressed up the window instead!!!!

Just love how you can't even fit in to wash your hands while your husband is brushing his teeth at the sink. *wink* Not. =) But it's been livable and is better than an outhouse or something! I think our new bathroom is a step up, though not much bigger, it will have a tub at least! =)

For my son's bedroom, see this post here - It has been changed up a little bit since, but I don't feel like making a new post, since I already have one done! =) Maybe when I get moved, settled and I finish up the sailboat theme I'm planning on doing for him, I'll let you all see!!!!

See you tomorrow for the final installment! =)

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