Saturday, November 7, 2009

~ My Cherry Wood Boudoir ~

Our room used to be my son's room and before that it used to be my hubby's home office! So here is the before picture of the office:
Typical, home office and I had some of my sewing stuff and a desk in there too.... Now it looks like this:
I love my romantic room... not too simple and stark, but not too overly done up. The cherry 4 poster bed was a 1st anniversary gift from my sweet hubby - I'd always wanted one and he made my wish come true (that was actually the first piece of furniture we ever bought since we'd been married, we already had or were given everything else we needed!) About five months ago I switched out our son's room to ours (when my hubby moved his office out we just put the baby stuff in there, but then after a year or so, I decided I wanted a change and the bigger room! =) So for something different than in our other room, I decided to put up a little canopy for a more romantic feeling. I used everything I already had, so it cost me nothing! Just some left over tulle from our wedding tacked to the ceiling and a sweet, little heart pinned up in the front middle. Tied to the posts with more strips of tulle and.... wah la!
Sheer elegance in an instant! =)

And since the above pictures were taken, I got a pillow that I was wanting for a while, so it has replaced the burgundy heart pillow on the bed and changed to this:

Ah... gotta love it.And from the other direction...

And for a pretty, quick, inexpensive, DIY project (you can see mine in the above picture, on the shelf):

All you need are some goblet(s) (I got mine for 25 cents apiece at Goodwill! =) and tealights of the same amount. Just set a tealight on top of an upside down goblet and you have a lovely candle holder! You can also add ribbons tied around the stem or little trinkets inside the glass ...Line them up in a row on a platter for a centerpiece or on a mantle, put ribbons and booties under the glass for a baby shower decoration, the list goes on.... The possibilities are limited only to your imagination.... Have fun!


And since I wrote this post quite awhile back, but never got it posted until I decided to have my home tour..... For winter and since I painted the living room and moved the quilt rack in there, got a new floor lamp (it was a set and the matching table ones are in the living room), redid the little chair for our room, flipped our quilt back over for the winter colors and found some beautiful, thrifted Battenburg lace curtains - it now looks like this! (If you can't you tell already, it never stays the same for long! =)

Now it's time for a cozy, warm nap!

Thanks for touring my Sweet Willow Cottage with me!!! Hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed sharing!

Now since we'll be starting all over - stay tuned for the next 15 years!!!!!!!!!!! =)))



Kammy said...

I love your "romantic" bedroom -that is one beautiful bed (it makes me drool!)
Good job on making everything with stuff you have - great tealight holders - very creative !

Enchanted Rose Studio said...

You did a beautiful job, Rebecca! The bedrooms are so warm and welcoming! The pillow is so daring! Love it!


Lee Laurie said...

It all looks so pretty, Rebecca. I love your new bed and the canopy that you made.

Have a great day!

Lee Laurie

Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) said...

Rebecca...this is just beautiful! So romantic and it!
Love your idea for the goblets/tealights...brilliant!

Miss Mustard Seed said...

What a gorgeous bed. I love the gauzy canopy and white bedding. You're looks clean and simple, but not stark. Lovely job.

Christine said...

Love the simplicity and the lines of your bedroom. Crisp and clean.
Nicely done!

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